Trooper, we need you in the Always Ready Troop

Consistent with the Regiment’s core value, the Association strives to be “Always Ready“ to support its mission to current troopers and their families, our members, and the unit’s heritage. The Always Ready Troop fund is designed to cover the Association’s annual operating costs, currently budgeted at $25,000. No restrictions are placed on this fund and all donations to the Association not otherwise designated will be placed in The Always Ready Troop fund.

Join the list of Dragoons who have already enlisted in the Always Ready Troop. A contribution of as little as $20 gets you on the rolls and a chance at our drawing in mid-January.

Mail your check to:

Frank Hurd

1626 Comanche Rd, Arnold, MD 21012

or go online at

and click the donate button.

Always Ready Troop Roster:

John Walker
Frank Hurd
Phil Linn
Bob McCorkle
TJ Linzy
Tom Molino
John Hillen
Joseph Krawzyk
Chris Golden
Roger Blackwood
Mark Calvert
Tim White
Bryan Denny
Roger Hogan
Norman E. Beaty
Eddie R. Reed
Peter Looker
John Ferrari
Alexander Sanchez
Ronald Lyons
Thomas Carlson
Jim Van Patton
Manuel Bohannon
John R. Bowling
Eugene M. Gunia
John James

CW 3 Earl E. Clark Jr
Robert R Scharf
Richard Legrand
Domingo J Moreno
Robert W Whitton
Doug Miller

Victor Martinez
Bill Bewley
Dave Gettman

Carlton Martin
John MacEnroe
Dave Gage
Tom Kaminski
Wade Masinter
Steven Hodulick
Shadrach Ronayne

Paul Haines
Larry Garman
William Muhammad
David Fearer

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2017 Second Cavalry Association Reunion

2017 Second Cavalry Association Reunion

Start making plans for attending the 2017 2d Cavalry Association Reunion.

Date: April 27-30, 2017

Place: Williamsburg, Virginia

Hotel location and activities schedule will be posted later in the year as details become available.

Thank you for your continued support of the 2d Cavalry Regiment and 2d Cavalry Association.

Toujours Pret!

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Now is your chance to become a member of the 2d Cavalry Association for FREE!!

All you need to do is click on the link and register. Simple as that. Click on: JOIN NOW!

Current members of the Association are grandfathered into the new system so no action on your part is needed.

MEMBERSHIP includes a free subscription to the THOROUGHBRED newsletter.

Due to the fact that the Association will no longer collect membership dues, we need your generous donations more than ever to fund the numerous projects the Association sponsors, projects such as:

Dragoon Scholarship – Every year the 2d Cavalry Association presents a $2500 scholarship in an essay contest open to any current or former member of the 2d Cavalry Regiment or members of their family, actively attending college courses. It is hoped to increase this to two or more scholarships per year.

Regimental Awards – The 2d Cavalry Association annually funds awards presented to active duty 2d Cavalry Regiment Soldiers, including the HARVAY AWARD, presented by the Second Cavalry Association to the most outstanding Junior Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer of the Regiment.

Wounded Warriors – The 2d Cavalry Association continues to provide support, both personal and financial, to our wounded 2d Dragoon warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fallen Dragoon Memorial – The 2d Cavalry Association funded the Fallen Dragoon Memorial at Rose barracks, Vilseck, Germany, honoring the fallen 2d Dragoons of OIF 2003-05, OIF 2007-08, OEF 2010-11, and OEF 2012-13, and funds the upkeep of the memorial.

Reed Museum – The 2d Cavalry Association has funded several projects by the 2d Cavalry Regiment’s Reed Museum and presents the museum with an annual grant for purchase of artifacts.

These are just a few of the many projects your DONATIONS make possible.

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Dragoon Newsletter

Here are the Dragoon Newsletters in downloadable PDF files. Just click on the links to read them online or download to your computer for access offline.

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Happy 180th birthday to the oldest continuously serving regiment in the U.S. Army.


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The new Second Cavalry Association sutler’s store is now open for business.

Click here: 2d Cavalry Store

Or cut and paste this address in your browser:

Please stop by and browse the shelves. More products will be added as they become available.

oldbill1Proceeds from sales go towards numerous 2d Cavalry Association programs for Soldiers and veterans of the 2d Cavalry Regiment and their families.

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Did you receive a Border Legion certificate to honor your time with the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment as a Keeper of the Peace?

If not, now is your chance. Your free membership in the 2d Cavalry Association makes you eligible to purchase one, signed by the current Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, former C Troop Commander, former 2/2 ACR Commander, 67th Colonel of the Regiment, and former President of the 2d Cavalry Association, Col. (Ret) Thomas M. Molino.

The certificates are personalized and printed on very heavy stock.

You can get your free 2d Cavalry Association membership here: JOIN 2D CAVALRY ASSOCIATION.

You can purchase your Border Legion certificate here: BORDER LEGION CERTIFICATE.

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Desert Storm Anniversary Certificates

In recognition of the 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm and your service as a member of the 2d Armored Cavalry we offer the opportunity to purchase this unique certificate which can be proudly displayed for all to see.

This certificate measures 11 X 17, ($20.00) is printed in full color and signed by L.D. Holder, LTG (Ret), U.S. Army, the 65th Regimental Commander.  (A smaller 8.5 X 11 ( $18.50) version is also available.)

All certificate prices include shipping via the U.S. mail.

This certificate will be a unique and powerful remembrance of your contribution to what many refer to as “the last great tank battle of the 20th century”.

Eligibility: Any and all who were assigned or attached to the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment during this period are eligible to purchase this certificate.

Click the following link for more details and to purchase your certificate.


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