Pvt. Jason Degendorfer, a tanker within the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, washes a Stryker vehicle at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, late October before the unit completes its redeployment to Germany. The wash racks stay busy around the clock with units heading home from their 15-month deployments in Iraq.After completing basic and advanced training as a tanker, Degendorfer joined the regiment five months into their deployment in Baghdad. As a gunner on one of the Strykers he played a vital role participating in the surge to counter insurgents among the streets of Baghdad. In early September, he said his vehicle got hit by an improvised explosive device where two injured crew members required an air medical evacuation.”I’m glad to finally have a chance to see Vilseck, Germany, and enjoy some freedom,” said Degendorfer. “I’m also excited about taking leave back in Los Angeles to visit family and friends.”

The wash racks at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, stay busy around the clock with units heading home in late October from their 15-month deployments in Iraq. Members of the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment thoroughly wash their vehicles so they can pass customs inspections before shipping the equipment back to Vilseck, Germany. “I’m excited about taking leave back in Los Angeles to visit family and friends,” said Pvt. Jason Degendorfer, a tanker with the regiment who survived an improvised explosive device attack in September.


  1. Hi Brave SOLDIERS,
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    It might have been easy for you to fight with modern sophisticated gadgets fitted in the Tank. But what was the technology during 1965 and 1971.

    With warm regards and respect to all soldiers
    Yours ,
    Mathewkutty, Ex-Indian Armoured Corps.

  2. I am a retired Army officer and happen to be a volunteer in the Army’s Freedom Team Salute program.

    The Army will send any Army veteran (Active, Guard, or Army Reserve) a very nice Certificate, Letter of Thanks, a lapel pin, and two US Army decals. All this is free.

    If you would like this Army Freedom Team Salute commendation package all I need is your name, former Army rank, and mailing address sent to my email at jimrudy@bellsouth.net or if you prefer, call me at home at 864-972-2085.


    Jim Rudy
    Freedom Team Salute Ambassador #382
    Seenca, SC

    • Thanks Jim.
      I’ve been honored in the past with a Freedom Team Salute. It was most unexpected and very much appreciated. I applaud your work.

      Dave Gettman
      News Center editor

  3. Darrell W. Williams

    As a Former Senior NCO (SSG) from Bamberg 1976-1978, I find that most of the postings in these forums, do not include many Troopers from the 70’s era.

    What is the problem with that? No participation? I was in every troop in Bamberg, starting with E Troop, then G Troop and finally in Fox Troop. My Military career lasted 10 years. With Fox Troop being my last assignment, before my somewhat forced ETS, because of a Broken neck, and a bar to reenlistment placed on my combat MOS of 11D30.

    I spent six years in Germany, all of which was in Recon. I advanced to E-6 in less than Four years. The last three being in the 2/2 ACR Bamberg. I loved my job especially Border Patrol, out of the HOF barracks, which is where my neck was broken. There was not a RECON Soldier, that I would not share a fox hole with, in or out of any of my Cav Units, which were 1/3 ACR 10th ACR and the 2/2 ACR.

    • Hey Darrell,
      There are still quite a few of us 70’s border rats running around. Just takes a little beir und wurst to get us out of our rat holes.

      Tacoma Dave
      website editor

  4. Bob Reyes

    Hey Darrell

    There are still quite a few of us.. Maybe at this reunion in DC.. we can regroup and remember the great times at Hof and Coburg..

    Bob Reyes (Fox troop mechanic 76-79)

  5. Kevin Underdue

    Hey Darrell, I was in G.troop (80-82) Man!!! those were the good old days,the wild s…. we use to do then… lol
    I wish, I could do it all over again.

  6. Kevin Underdue

    If you like to contact me, my email address is : buffalosoldier22acr@yahoo.com

    “Toujour Pret” (Always Ready)

    P.S. I want to hear from troopers of Gtroop !!!!

  7. Hi Cavalryans, let me first thank you all retired/serving officers and NGOs to respond this site of our own sowars to retired Generals. When we think the past, it was a good time in the Armoured Corps. No doubt. We veterans had faught wars, but at todays situations can we fight against the true enemy? Yes, we may be, but think who today is our enemy? Recession. Can we fight, YES given task to we soldiers we globally are very much capable to fight that evil but on the Horse with lancers.
    Please commend.

  8. Don Dye


    I was a medic assigned to, and housed with, G Troop 2/2 ACR from April 1982- Aug 1983. Yes, those were some good times!!

    Don Dye

  9. Carlos Bernal

    HELLO 2nd ACR (TOUJOURS PRET) I was station in Nurenberg Germany in 1975 till 1978. I still have my black beret and was proud to wear it! I still miss those days today at the border of camp Hof. I hope all of you old troopers are all still doing well. Take care.

  10. James Burgos

    Hello, DRAGOONS. I served with the 3rd. Sqdn. in Amberg, Germany from Jan. 68 to thru July 1969. Pond Barracks was an old WW II Wermmacht Kassern that still had the Eagle on the front gate. Of course das Hakencreuz was chiseled off. I was in HQ Trp. and worked in the Personnel office on the first floor of the I Trp. bldg. Since I was a paper pusher the only exciting thing that happened during my tour was wh1en one of our S.P. 155’s BLEW UP near the motor pool. In the Cold War all of our tracks carried full combat loads at ALL times. That was a sight to see ! Any COLD WARRIORS OUT THERE ? ? I left the 2nd ACR as a Spec. 5. I would love to know what happened to my old C.O. . Ltc. Robert C. Osborn from California. Any info would would be appreciated.

  11. Mike Loebig

    Stationed at Merrill Brks in ’74 (HHT ,Feucht AAF and Cp Hof Border Tour program, then M Co in Amberg till ’76. I was a mis-assigned 11B, but could learn to do anything. I’d like to hear from any old friends.

  12. Don Byrn medic 78

    Hey Brothers.times were great there in 77 & 78. second to none! do you remember LeMarqis& Mautkellers pubs?I was one of the DJs at both clubs working for Mr.&Mrs.B Along with Dale Pike (my dear friend & brother)during the day i was tdy to 188th dispensary(cool Gig)also duty in hof.do you remember jesse in supply & px in hof barraks? also Cliff Jones in hof? if so please contact me if you know any of these people or me. id love to here from any bros.from 2/acr my number is (502)252-7544 or (502)510-2622cell thanks

  13. Sp4 Les Eddy

    I was stationed in Bamberg patrolling the E.German and Chec Border from Hof to Coberg with 2/2 Cav from 1974-1977. I was in F troop and it was an odd time. Many of my brothers had been in Vietnam and were true warriors. I live in Salem, Oregon my cell number is 503 949 4327. If anyone was there serving or partying with me call me I’d love to hear from you.

  14. Sp4 Les Eddy

    If there is going to be a reunion in DC, could it be posted so everyone knows when and where in DC? Thanks, those were definately some of the best times in my life with some of the absolutely best people. My Platoon Sgt was named Regan, does anyone remember him? I would of followed him to hell and back! A great leader indeed!

  15. Dewey Duke

    Was in G, troop 2/2 1969 to 1972, was captains driver, Drove capt. Thomas Langdon. Was the greatest captain I ever knew. Yes i loved that border patrol. That was the days. Am looking for james Livengood from painsville , ohio. I was sp5 duke

    • Hey Dewey,
      Thanks for your service in the 2d Cav and continued support.

      There are quite a few of us old border rats (over 1000) holed up at Dragoon Base. Stop by and join us. Maybe your buddy will show up too.

      Hope to see you there soon. http://dragoonbase.ning.com/

      Dave Gettman
      C Trp 74-75

  16. Rob Robertson

    I was in G Troop 2/2 ACR from June 76 to April 78 1st platoon Sfc Bagget. 11D10R8.

  17. John A. Bolden

    I served with Fox Troop 2/2 ACR from Sept 86 till Nov 87. Still think about those border patrols up at Hof, Blankenstein, Holle, the textile factory in the East, and many other places. Being 11C in a tanker company only left us with border patrol or guard duty on the ammo dump in Bamberg. Wouldn’t have had it any other way!!! They were good times and appreciate all of you that have served. Toujours Pret!!! Always Ready!!!

  18. yeah i was in 3rd 2nd hq trp was commo sect iadmit iwas no prime time soldier of the month material when checked out my personnel files at time instead of putting in correct info mos o5b20 i was listed as being 95b 20 dont have to say or explain what happens to any body during late 60s early 70s if gi was listed as being with the military police especially at pond barracks which had a ready made name for hashish and herion if any body remembers me iam still around around was with police andthen prson force tex before coming to israel to actual 95c and after wards with israel security forces ihave memories of capt osborne ssgt guillardo sp4 dziadon ssg kelly(who was the epitimy of everybodies lifetime fears) like i say iam still around

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