2d Cavalry Association
You are invited to a
2d Cavalry Stable Call

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Stable Call
2d Cavalry Association

DATE:                 24 November 2008
                  18:30 – 20:30
LOCATION:         Angerer Turmhotel
                                Vilseck, Germany
Refreshments and Food:
Cash Bar and a light food service  will be available.
Civilian Uniform: business casual with Stetson and Spurs
Military Uniform: duty uniform with Stetson and Spurs

2d Cavalry Association

Temporary Field Headquarters
Angerer Turmhotel
Vilseck, Germany
23, 24, 25 November  2008


  1. David – for the 2nd Cavalry Stable Call…is this a “members only event” or can non-members attend?

    Thanks for all you do sir…

    – Collabman

  2. Myron,
    My pleasure, sir.

    The Stable Call is open to any and all friends and family of the 2nd Cavalry also.

    Dress is business casual for civilians or uniform for military. Stetsons and spurs are encouraged but not required.

    Hope you can make it.


  3. Typos corrected….

    Mr. Gettman,

    I am the father of a soldier in the 2nd Cav…who will be home on leave from Vilseck Germany…in December.

    I have permission from our home town to hang a banner across our town’s main street welcoming my son home from Iraq…and thanking him for his service.

    On that banner I would like to include images of the: (1) US Army, (2) the Army Infantry emblem, (3) 2nd Cav’s Tourjours Pret insignia, and, (4) a US flag.

    If you have access to high resolution images of these items, or other similar images…I would appreciate getting copies.

    Thanks in advance!

    Toujours Pret.

    A grateful father.

  4. Tom,

    Thanks for your son’s service. I’ll be flying to Vilseck Saturday.

    Tried to send you a Toujours Pret logo, but the Comcast server said your mail account didn’t exist. Did you get the address right?

    Toujours Pret,

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