September 22, 2009 to September 24, 2009

Brown County Inn
51 State Road 46 East
Nashville, Indiana


Organized By:
John Vanags

This will be the 11th Get-to-Gether of Company F troopers who served together during 1957-1959. It will be the 52nd Anniversary of most of us being assigned to F Company. Most took basic training together at Ft. Meade, Maryland. We all went to Germany in early 1958 and were stationed in Bamberg. Our border station was Colburg, Germany.

Group activities are being planned and there will be plenty of free time to take in the sites.


  1. Hi Dave, Do you happen to know if there is a museum (something about the 2nd Cav) in Luneville, France? For some reason that name rings a bell of where my Dad might have donated a book (Ghost’s of Patton’s Third Army).

    Thank you!

  2. Mick Yelvington

    I have been tracing my father’s military duty stations and he was staioned with F co 2nd Armored Cav in 1955 Ft. Meade Md. My Father is Sam Yelvington he passed away on 28 Oct 2009, would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew him.

    • Mick,
      Thank you for visiting the 2d Cavalry Association’s News Center and leaving your comment. Thank you also for your fathers service to our country and the 2d Cavalry Regiment.

      I am saddened to hear of his passing. If you would care to send me details, with your permission I would like to include the news of your father’s passing in our Thoroughbred newsletters Fiddler’s green section. Fiddler’s Green is where the souls of all Cavalrymen go.

      I see your father served in 1955. That was the Regiments 119th birthday, and they published a yearbook commemorating their duty in Germany from 1944 through 1955. The 2d Cavalry left Germany that year under Operation Gyroscope and returned to the US (Ft Meade) until 1958 when they returned to Germany. My dad was transferred out of the 2d Cavalry in 1955 just before they left for the US and we remained in Germany.

      I have the yearbook displayed on our Association website. If you would like the link to the photos, drop me a line.

      Hope this has been of some help to you.

      Best wishes.

      Dave Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association
      History Center Editor-in-Chief

  3. Gary J. Kolod

    Took basic with F co.2nd ACR 7/57 was trasnfered to special services and managed the post Baseball team.

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