65 Years ago the 2d Cavalry Group liberated the town of Luneville, France from the German occupiers. In fact, a battle swirled around Luneville and the 2d Cavalry Group found it necessary to liberate the town a second time.

The battle was part of the Nancy Salient and eventually mushroomed into the largest tank engagement since Normandy.

Each year the town of Luneville commemorates the event.

The 2d Cavalry has participated in these events annually for decades. This year the event is very special since the active Regiment – in particular the 1st Squadron (PSG and above) will be participating in a Staff Ride in and near Luneville during the celebration.

In addition I along with several other Cold War and WWII veterans and their families will be in attendance.

We are also honored by the Regimental Commander and Command Sergeant Major participating in the commemorative activities.

You are invited and encouraged to attend. Mark your calendars to be in France 17-20 September. More details to follow.

Would you like to help organize and lead this adventure? If so please contact me — Chris Golden.

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