VILSECK, Germany – With all their equipment loaded and sent to Bulgaria, and the Troopers gearing up to take part in Task Force East, a training mission with both the Romanian and Bulgarian Armies, members of 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment focused their attention on the children of the unit by conducting a “Kiddie Spur Ride”.

The Cougar Cubs got a little taste of what their parents do Tuesday as they participated in a series of events from first aid to water grenade throwing.

“This whole week is Cougar Family Week,” said Lt. Col Omar Jones, 2nd Squadron Commander. “The Squadron is preparing to head out to Bulgaria and this is a chance to ensure that while we are there the families feel closer to the unit and each other.”

“The idea behind today’s event was to get the kids out,” said Jones, “and give them an idea of what their Moms and Dads do.”

“It also provides the Soldiers a chance to spend quality time with their families before they leave.”

Jones said the Kid’s Spur ride was the first of several scheduled events. Additionally, the Squadron conducted two town hall meetings and a two-day Family Rodeo to better ensure that their spouses and dependents have a better understanding of the resources and opportunities available to them while their loved ones are conducting training as part of Task Force East.

The Cougars closed out Family Week with another Spur ride; this time it was for the spouses, not the kids.

During the spouse spur ride the participants were subjected to a more rigorous set of tasks. Each Trooper had to undergo a modified version of the Army Physical Fitness Test, learn to wear and operate the full chemical warfare protective gear, care for and transport simulated injured teammates, and operate under battlefield conditions.

According to Jones, these events provided Cougar families the opportunity to bond together and let spouses know they have a wide range of support while their Soldiers are completing the Task Force East mission.

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