Governor Inspects Damage in Shin Kay

TAKING STOCK: Governor of Zabul Province Al-Haj Mohammed Ashraf Naseri inspects the damage done to the Shinkay Bazaar during the recent rain storms. Click photo to enlarge

Story by Spc. Audrey Glynn and Sgt. Gerald Wilson

ZABUL, Afghanistan- Governor of the Zabul province, Al-Haj Mohammed Ashraf Naseri, stood alongside representatives from 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, the Provincial Reconstruction Team, and coalition partners from Combined Team Zabul Friday, August 6, as they walked through the small village of Shinkay to survey the damage caused by the recent storm.

According to local government reports, hundreds of citizens have been adversely affected by the flood waters. The effects of the recent storm could be seen most at the Shinkay Bazaar. The bazaar is an economic lifeline to the district. Many people from outlying villages gather at the bazaar to conduct business. The most damage could be found on the north side of the bazaar where entire sections of walls had collapsed. Approximately 70 percent of the shopkeepers reported losing some or all of their merchandise. Since most shopkeepers are renting space at the bazaar, this loss will make it difficult for them to pay their rent and support their families. Recognizing the needs of its people, the Afghan Government is working to provide the much needed supplies for the relief effort.

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