Legion Academy trains first class

Story and photos by: Sgt. Jerry Wilson
(CTZ Public Affairs)

Leading from the Front: Staff Sgt. Ildefonso Perez explains how to properly set up a traffic control point to the students of the Legion Academy.

Zabul, Afghanistan – Troopers from 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment gathered alongside their partners from the Afghan National Army Thursday, October 21 at Combat Outpost Azizzullah to honor the first graduating class of the Legion Academy.

The Legion Academy is a two-week long course designed to familiarize ANA Soldiers with the basic soldiering skills and tactics used by their Coalition counterparts.

“We started with the basics like weapons maintenance, components and capabilities,” said the Academy Commandant Staff Sgt. Ildefonso Perez. “Then moved into individual, buddy team, squad and unit movement techniques.”

Perez said students also practiced room and building clearing techniques as well as the more mundane administrative tasks such as range operations.

“It was meant to refine their basic skills and also their leadership roles,” he said.

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ANA Graduates First NCO Improvement Class

ANA Noncommissioned Officers practice room clearing procedures during their final training exercise of the ANA NCO Improvement Course.
Story by: Sgt. Jerry Wilson
(CTZ Public Affairs)

Zabul, Afghanistan – Thursday, Oct. 7 was graduation day at Camp Eagle near Forward Operating Base Apache in Zabul Province. The Afghan National Army celebrated the graduation of 23 noncommissioned officers from the first ANA NCO Improvement Course.

The two-week long course was taught by 2d Stryker Calvary Regiment Soldiers, focusing on tactics and patrol techniques. These are skills that will help them survive as Soldiers in Afghanistan.

The class covered escalation of force, rules of engagement, troop leading procedures, first aid and mounted/dismounted movement techniques. In addition, students were taught how to react to an improvised explosive device as well as basic recognition of IEDs.

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