For any of you old Border Rats who patrolled the trace in the Hof area, this should bring back some memories.

Photos and story by Charlie Campbell, former H-2/2ACR commander. Click photos to enlarge.

Attached are a couple of pix taken on October 10, 2010 at Moedlareuth (or
Little Berlin as we knew it) near Hof, Germany, where there is now a
preserved section of the Iron Curtain, a museum and a memorial plaque to
the 2ACR for their border mission from 1948 to 1992.

Nelson Laughton (Commander, Troop G, 1974-1975) and myself (Commander,
Company H, 1974-1976) and our wives were traveling through the area
returning from Poland and just happened to stop for the night in a nearby
village. When the locals learned who we were, they welcomed us like long
lost friends and insisted we visit their museum. A man who works at the
museum was a Captain in the East German army and patrolled the border on the
other side. He proudly displayed a 2ACR crest and said ” I watched you. I
was your enemy then”. It was an emotional experience for us all!

Toujours Pret!

Charlie Campbell


  1. John Ballard

    I served in G Trp 2/2 ACR ’71-’74, Was in the Hof sector several times. Served under then Capt. Laughton. G Troop was the best and the 2nd was the best. Proud to have served, Always Ready.

    John Ballard
    Boca Raton, Fl.

  2. James Keith Lewis

    Wow! I was on the “Rock” 1/2 ACR B Troop 3rd Platoon 79-82. How very awsome for them to remember us in that way!

  3. Homer Galloway

    I served with Cpt Campbell in Hco 2Sqd 2ACR, 1974-1976. I was Cpl (P) Homer Galloway, Driver and later Gunner on H-13 and patrol driver at Hof and Coburg. Assigned to CAV from Oct 1974 to Oct 1977.

  4. christopher stauffer

    I served with g trp 2/2acr in bamberg 1975-1978 as a mech.went to Hof and coburg.lost all photo and stuf in a house fire would like someone to send picks to me at my email tanks

  5. Gary Johnson

    I served from 1961 to 1964 with E Troop 2nd Recon Sqdn. 2nd Armd Cav Regiment. Permanent duty station was Bamberg. We rotated with other line troops, (I believe they were Golf and Hotel Troop of the 2nd AC) back and forth on the border while being barracked at that time at Coburg. We were housed in barracks built during WWII for the German Army. A German Military Unit was housed opposite our barracks & on the top floor of our barracks the Army Security Agency were housed. I spent many cold nights in Observation Posts, some with bunkers and other times in the woods, in such places as Neustadt, Rodach and many other places that I can’t remember (I’m old). we rotated approximately every 60 days spending 30 days on the border and 60 days in Bamberg while G & H Troop took over in between. At times we would leave Bamberg and travel to 7th Army Training Center in Grafenwohr for TCPC (Tank Crew Proficiency Course) Infantry, Mortor & Scout Training, etc. I hated the cold! I remember the guys driving the Retriever PC had it made because they were the only ones permitted to have a heater in their vehicle. All Jeeps could not have a heater or a top cover, same thing went for Tanks and Personnel carriers. We were told so that we would be acclimated and combat ready. We would have been more combat ready with a heater. A buddy of mine was frostbitten riding a machine gun jeep on patrol. He was wearing a pluto cap (with the flaps that cover the ears) except he didn’t tie the flaps and with no top on the jeep and the wind blowing in 20 deg below zero he came close to losing his ears. They turned black after they warmed him up. He was flown to Wurzburg, I believe to be treated there. Many times when I came off the border after being out 24 hours I would walk into the barrack area where it was very warm and the circulation in my hands would begin to come back strong and my hands begin to ache so bad that I thought I was going to lose them. Yes, I wore the gloves but they were not adequate for the duration. The best duty I had on the border was in 1963 when I took out the Tipsy 4 Radar for observation and when they assigned me as radio operator for the Net Control Station. A lot of memories and a long time ago. Toujours Pret fellow Troopers.

  6. Art Lovelace

    Assigned to B Trp from Feb. 1960 to Oct. 1962. Was extended 6 months because of Berlin Wall being built. Main base was Bindlach just outside of Bayreuth. Rotated to Graf, Hof and Kronach. Great duty and great buddies. Lots of adventures as a Scout covering the East German border in an open jeep in middle of winter. Maybe I was too young and dumb at the time but I loved it. We figured our job was pretty important and we took a great deal of pride in our job. To all the troopers from the 2nd Armored Cav- Toujours Pret

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