A visit to Little Berlin

For any of you old Border Rats who patrolled the trace in the Hof area, this should bring back some memories.

Photos and story by Charlie Campbell, former H-2/2ACR commander. Click photos to enlarge.

Attached are a couple of pix taken on October 10, 2010 at Moedlareuth (or
Little Berlin as we knew it) near Hof, Germany, where there is now a
preserved section of the Iron Curtain, a museum and a memorial plaque to
the 2ACR for their border mission from 1948 to 1992.

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Wolfpack building walls of partnership

Sunset in Maiwand
Soldiers of 1st platoon, G company, 3rd Squadron, Wolfpack, take a break after a long day of patrolling.

Story and photos by Capt. Juan Garcia

MAIWAND, Afghanistan – The Wolfpack is on the hunt again. This time the 3rd Squadron, 2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment is building a Wolfpack wall which is a key step in ISAF’s fight against the Taliban in the Maiwand District. Ghostrider Company is leading the way by clearing the area of IEDs, insurgents and Taliban sympathizers. The local villagers have been harassed by the Taliban for a long time and they are happy to see Afghan National Army and American forces building a foothold in the area. The wall is a preventative measure against winter flooding demonstrating partnership and our commitment for local Afghan villagers.

“It’s great to see the smiles on the villagers faces as we patrol the area and know we are really making a difference,” said Sgt. John Lincoln of Ghostrider Company.

Lincoln said, without Taliban influence in the region, the villagers will be free from the oppressive taxes and violence that the insurgency has brought with it. We have also raised the standard of living in the region by handing out small radios, bags of rice and flour for the villagers to eat.

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2d Cavalry Association 2011 Reunion

The 2d Cavalry Association is having it’s next bi-annual reunion in Washington, D.C. November 10-13, 2011. Mark the dates on your calendar. More details to follow when available.

You can register online and see a schedule of events here: 2d Cavalry Association 2011 Reunion

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MG (Ret) John W. Hudachek, 58th Colonel of the Regiment

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the death of MG(R) John W. Hudachek, who passed away on 16 September 2010.

A veteran of the Vietnam War, MG Hudachek retired in 1985 after 31 years of service as an Armor officer. He was 80 years old at the time of his death.

During the latter part of his career, he served as Chief of Staff, United States Forces Korea/Eighth United States Army and later as Director of Resources and Management, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, United States Army, Washington, DC.

MG Hudachek is survived by his children, Brig Gen Teresa Djuric (USAF), Susan M. Hudachek, Mary R. Hudachek-Buswell, and Michael G. Hudachek. Funeral will take place at Fort Myers on 29 December 2010 at 1245.

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Legion Academy trains first class

Story and photos by: Sgt. Jerry Wilson
(CTZ Public Affairs)

Leading from the Front: Staff Sgt. Ildefonso Perez explains how to properly set up a traffic control point to the students of the Legion Academy.

Zabul, Afghanistan – Troopers from 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment gathered alongside their partners from the Afghan National Army Thursday, October 21 at Combat Outpost Azizzullah to honor the first graduating class of the Legion Academy.

The Legion Academy is a two-week long course designed to familiarize ANA Soldiers with the basic soldiering skills and tactics used by their Coalition counterparts.

“We started with the basics like weapons maintenance, components and capabilities,” said the Academy Commandant Staff Sgt. Ildefonso Perez. “Then moved into individual, buddy team, squad and unit movement techniques.”

Perez said students also practiced room and building clearing techniques as well as the more mundane administrative tasks such as range operations.

“It was meant to refine their basic skills and also their leadership roles,” he said.

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