SGT Eric M. Nettleton from Wichita, KS was killed in action on 05 January 2011 near Tarin Kwot, Afghanistan, while conducting combat operations.

SGT Nettleton was assigned to B Company, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, Rose Barracks, Germany. A memorial ceremony has been scheduled for 12 January 2011 at 1000 hours in the Rose Barracks Cavalry Chapel. Please join us in honoring the service and memory of SGT Nettleton.


  1. We lost a loved one -Spc. Kelly Mixon – Dec. 8 -he, too, was KIA. Our heart and prayers go out to the loved ones of SGT. Nettleton. God bless our troops and nation.

  2. Dave Jones

    This the 2nd KIA from the same platoon. Sgt Nettleton was a friend and roommate (tent mate)of my son at the combat outpost. (the 1st KIA from that platoon was SPC Shoecraft). The platoon redoubled their work and returned to the site uncovering a cache. They are fighting hard in honor of their losses. God Bless Sgt. Nettleton’s family and friends. God bless our Troops.


    I have had the pleasure to serve under SGT. Nettleton while at Ft. Riley and during our tour in Iraq. I was a new incoming soldier that knew nothing about military and he guided me. He kept me alive during our tour and showed me what I needed to know and believe in to becoming a great soldier and NCO. I will miss him. I want to let him know that the two years that he was my leader, he did not fail at his job. He was a great team leader to me a great soldier but more then all he was a great friend. I will miss you and will keep the fight going on in your name. I love you.

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