ANA Soldiers disassemble a diesel generator at Forward Operating Base Eagle in the Zabul Province.
(Photo by: Sgt. Dern Lennard)

Story by: Sgt. Jerry Wilson
(CTZ Public Affairs)

ZABUL, Afghanistan – Recently, 21 Soldiers from the Afghan National Army spent five days learning the skills they will need to help keep energy flowing to the peace-keeping efforts of their homeland.

Troopers from the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regimental Support Squadron spent a week training their Afghan counterparts in the generator maintenance and repair skills that are crucial as the ANA continue its transformation into an independent force.

Soldiers were taught the basics of component recognition on generators ranging from the small 2 kilowatt gas powered models to the larger Diesel models. Students were instructed in the proper procedures required to perform preventative maintenance checks and service on each generator model. As the week progressed, students moved into more complicated procedures such as how to disassemble and reassemble each component. As the students tore apart the generators, they were given a more detailed description of each piece as well as their function.

According to Sgt. Dern Lennard, one of the instructors, teaching the course was a very exciting and memorable experience.

“Many of the students learned very quickly and others needed a little extra attention,” Lennard said.

“This class gave the ANA Soldiers the ability to maintain their own equipment,” Lennard said, “therefore making them more self-sufficient.”

Despite some obstacles such as not being able to obtain some of the parts for the older ANA generators and the language barrier, Lennard said that all in all the class was a rousing success. This class was one more milestone in creating a combat service support in Kandak and Afghan Army independence.

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