Dragoons fire the big guns

Story and photos by: SGT Jerry Wilson
2SCR Public Affairs

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2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment
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Vilseck, Germany

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BOOM: Soldiers from Bravo Battery, FIRES Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment launch a round downrange, Tuesday, Nov. 30 during a live fire exercise on the Grafenwoehr Training Area.
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Vilseck, Germany – For the first time since returning from deployment, Troopers from Bravo Battery, FIRES Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment rolled out the M-777 Howitzer and brushed up on their shooting procedures during a two-day live fire exercise that began Tuesday, Nov. 29 at the Grafenwoehr Training Area.

“We are out here [to] test fire the M-777 as part of our reset training”, said Sgt. 1st Class Adrian Rich, Platoon Sergeant for Bravo Battery 1st Platoon. “This is basically to get some of our new Soldiers familiar with what a live round looks like when it goes downrange.”

This live fire exercise is part of the Regiment’s ongoing reset training. Reset is a vital tool crucial in preparing a unit for future operations.

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