2d Cavalry Association 2015 Scholarship Program

It’s time to get your entries in for the 2d Cavalry Association 2015 Scholarship Program.

Please click on the link for details.

2d Cavalry Association Scholarship Program

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DNA Samples Needed for MIA Identifications

There are 83,000 missing and unaccounted for Americans from World War II forward, yet many families of the missing have yet to provide a family reference sample to assist in DNA identifications. Currently, 89 percent of Korean War families have provided samples, as well as 83 percent of Cold War families and 81 percent of Vietnam War families, but only 4 percent of WWII families have. The government last year identified 107 MIAs, but more could have been identified—and faster—if more family reference samples were on file. Please forward the following service casualty office contact information to MIA families in your hometown, as well as to local newspapers:

Army: 800-892-2490
Marine Corps: 800-847-1597
Navy: 800-443-9298
Air Force: 800-531-5501
State Department: 202-485-6106

As some of you may already know, members of the 2d Cavalry Association and the 2d Cavalry’s Reed Museum have teamed up with citizens of the Czech Republic in an effort to locate and identify several MIA’s lost in Czechoslovakia at the end of WW II in Europe. Much progress has been made and we are very hopeful. Let’s bring these boys home to their families.

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With the return of the Regiment to Vilseck from their 2013-14 Afghanistan deployment and in honor of their service, artist Jamie Warner has released her newest print to represent the Regiment’s service past, present and future. Her latest print, “The Legacy Continues”, is now available for sale.
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Jamie has graciously committed to a donation of 20% of all sales revenue to the 2d Cavalry Association’s Vilseck Chapter. “The Legacy Continues” is a limited edition of 500 numbered prints, 14” x20” in size. The sale price is $65.00, which includes shipping and handling expenses.

Other Jamie Warner prints available for sale are:

“The Mission”, which is a smaller print with a very limited run of just 20 prints, 11″x14″ in size for $45.00 including shipping and handling.

“Cav Country”, which is a limited edition run of 100 prints, 14″x18″ in size for $50.00. The unit guidon and unit number in this print can be customized upon request.

To view more of Jamie’s work you can visit her Facebook page, Art By Jamie Warner.

To purchase prints, contact Jamie directly.

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2d Cavalry Association 2014 Scholarship Program

Please click on the following link for details of the 2d Cavalry Association 2014 Scholarship Program:


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2 CR Soldier reenlists while recuperating from war injury

By Chuck Roberts, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Public Affairs

Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell Jr., commanding general of U.S. Army Europe, reenlists Staff Sgt. Tyronne Jones in a Feb. 19, 2014, ceremony at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany.

In the aftermath of being downed by a gunshot wound during a firefight in Afghanistan, several thoughts came to the mind of Staff Sgt. Tyronne Jones — among them was reenlistment. Sadly, the date and location were not the only things that changed that day.

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2d Dragoon Memorial Fundraiser 2014

From Chris Golden, 2d Cavalry Association Executive Director:

I am grateful to be able to report that we are commencing our final fundraiser to update the memorial in Vilseck.

I would appreciate your comments on the flyer attached here.

The on line donation link is live. Please follow it to see the website I created for the project.

Comments gratefully accepted…


Click this link for the website on Constant Contact:

Click here to see the flyer in a downloadable pdf file:
Memorial Flyer Feb 2014

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