2d Cavalry Association 2015 Scholarship Program

It’s time to get your entries in for the 2d Cavalry Association 2015 Scholarship Program.

Please click on the link for details.

2d Cavalry Association Scholarship Program

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DNA Samples Needed for MIA Identifications

There are 83,000 missing and unaccounted for Americans from World War II forward, yet many families of the missing have yet to provide a family reference sample to assist in DNA identifications. Currently, 89 percent of Korean War families have provided samples, as well as 83 percent of Cold War families and 81 percent of Vietnam War families, but only 4 percent of WWII families have. The government last year identified 107 MIAs, but more could have been identified—and faster—if more family reference samples were on file. Please forward the following service casualty office contact information to MIA families in your hometown, as well as to local newspapers:

Army: 800-892-2490
Marine Corps: 800-847-1597
Navy: 800-443-9298
Air Force: 800-531-5501
State Department: 202-485-6106

As some of you may already know, members of the 2d Cavalry Association and the 2d Cavalry’s Reed Museum have teamed up with citizens of the Czech Republic in an effort to locate and identify several MIA’s lost in Czechoslovakia at the end of WW II in Europe. Much progress has been made and we are very hopeful. Let’s bring these boys home to their families.

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Did You Serve in Desert Storm?

Next year will mark 25 years since Desert Storm!

Did you serve in Desert Storm? If you did, General Franks and General Holder are looking for you to join in a celebration!

Here is a message from General Franks for you:

“As you know, we are approaching the 25th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm. Increasing interest in a special 25th that provides an opportunity for many hundreds of VII Corps Soldiers to get together to reflect on our accomplishments and honor the 111 who didn’t return with us. Recent leveraging of social media by our VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association has led to more than 1000 hits already and rapidly increasing interest in the 25th. At our 24th Reunion event last month many suggested that we not only make the 25th the “best ever” but that we also make it a Friday-Sunday event so that units, branches, and other functions can have their own events, parties, and hospitality rooms that weekend. The initiative of our Soldiers and families in 90-91 created what became the model for now familiar “Family Readiness Groups” (FRGs). Providing an opportunity for our Soldiers AND families to get together to relive our achievements-both in the desert and at home base-is our goal. . .

I need your help in organizing such a weekend . . . I need for you to find a few volunteers from your unit who live in the Washington, DC area and are willing to become part of the planning cell that is forming up now to make the 25th weekend event happen. VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association is not large; the work has been done by the same 4 or 5 individuals each year to produce two annual events, the September golf tournament and the February reunion dinner. We have raised and given more than $360,000 in scholarships to more than 137 VII Corps Soldiers and their children. Please let me know as quickly as practicable if you agree we can work together to make the 25th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm a memorable event.”

If you would like to participate in this effort please contact me.
I would also ask you to please share this message with other Desert Storm troopers.

Toujours Pret!

Chris Golden
Executive Director
2d Cavalry Association
Email Chris: adjutant.2dcavalry@gmail.com

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U.S. Army sending armored convoy 1,100 miles through Europe

By Brad Lendon, CNN

(CNN)Eastern Europe, here comes the cavalry.

The U.S. Army says it will soon be sending armored Stryker vehicles on a 1,100-mile convoy through six European countries to show solidarity to allies in the wake of recent Russian actions in the Ukraine and Crimea that have Eastern Europe on edge.

The move was first reported Thursday in the military newspaper Stars and Stripes. U.S. Army Europe posted the Stripes story on its website on Friday.

Read more here – http://us.cnn.com/2015/03/13/world/army-convoy-through-europe/index.html

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Department of Defense Authorizes Service Stars on the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

The Department of Defense announced today that effective immediately, service members are authorized to wear Service Stars on their Global War on Terrorism Medals (GWOT-EM) to represent deployments in support of approved GWOT operations.

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LTC (retired) Thomas Wayne Stewart 1940-2014


Tom was born in 1940 in Las Vegas, NV; the second of four sons born to Levi Stewart and Kathleen French, he assumed immense responsibility for his two younger siblings and family when his father and older brother both died while Tom was in his teens.

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Reed Museum Honored

Ryan Meyer, curator at the Reed Museum and Second Regiment of Dragoons Heritage Center, has been informed that the museum has been chosen to receive a prestigious award.

A message from Matthew J. Seelinger, chief historian at the Army Historical Foundation, stated that the Reed Museum has been chosen to receive a 2014 Army Historical Foundation Museum Excellence Award. The award includes a plaque and check for $1000.

We are pleased to see that Mr. Meyer’s hard work is finally starting to pay off. HOOAH!!!

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